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Your talent. Our ink. That's the formula.

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Are you tired of all the rich business moguls who have never used a tattoo machine fronting monstrous tattoo supply companies? So are we! And we decided it was time to do something about it. 100% owned & operated by experienced tattoo artists, we are confident that we can design and produce a premium quality tattoo ink geared exclusively towards any artist's needs.

At Formula 51, we put the focus on ink, the foundation of our art. Our goal is to produce colored inks that are totally unique, baring names and shades that anyone could relate to, many based on pop-culture icons. Furthermore, we stay in complete control of production - from creation, through inspection and distribution. This ensures that the quality of our products always remains consistent. This practice reflects the pride that we have in our products and in the integrity of an industry we are passionate about.
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Official Formula 51 Suppliers:

If the company that you are buying your Formula 51 products from is not listed below, you are not getting genuine Formula 51 products. Don't support fakes, copiers and thieves, buy direct from this site or the distributors listed below to assure that you get the original Formula 51 as it was intended!
Tattoo Freakz
Missouri, USA

Razorblade Products
Pennsylvania, USA

SB Distribution

Shokun Tattoo Supply
TELEPHONE: (541) 554-9311